Thursday, November 16, 2017

Wardrobe edit: Scarves...those that made the cut

I've recently been editing and culling my wardrobe.

I like to do this regularly as it helps me refine my style, allows me to see what regularly gets worn, who are the key players and what features make them the workhorses in my closet.

My wardrobe is kept small...the closet is also small and I share it with my husband! One day we will redo it and install some features that will improve its storage 1913 a "pedestrian bungalow owner" would not have had many clothes...daytime wear (house dresses) and Sunday best.

First on the chopping block are the scarves...

Too many scarves and they were spilling off the shelf in my bedside cabinet
not enough space so some had to go...
7 scarves were donated to the charity shop and two were consigned.

Silk Hermes collection
 (which I wear mostly in the Spring and Summer)

Three orange boxes

Small square purchased in Paris

Black and White silk from Vancouver Hermes store

The original from the San Francisco Hermes shop.

Long scarves
some worn in summer and some in the Fall and Winter

Large white scarf (shawl size) from the Monoprix 
 St Germain, Paris

Burberry print infinity scarf

Two Linen scarves:

black and grey 
blue and white 
(purchased at the Pharmasave in Oak Bay)

Burberry cashmere
(gift from my husband)

I tend to wear the Burberry cashmere all through the Fall and Winter as it offers warmth and is so cozy and goes with my wine coloured puffer coat.

That's all the scarves and they neatly fit inside the cabinet now with some "breathing room!"

The new Bosch dishwasher arrived and was installed today...
looking forward to clean dishes and no more leaks!

I am taking a wreath making workshop this week with our lovely DIL
Hopefully my efforts will be worthy of a photo and if the wreath looks OK
 I will share it here in a future post.

Have you started decorating for Christmas?
For some strange reason this year I feel like putting up our decorations and tree already and it is not even December!

I recently read this book the subject matter was quite disturbing...
extremely well written but rather graphic
 a NY Times bestseller.

I'm reading a much lighter book right now...
(Chick Lit)

Set in London and the South of France...
love the style in which it is written
just the thing to put a smile on my face as I sit with my mug of tea on these rainy afternoons.

What is new with you and 
what are you reading?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fading beauty...and my personal thoughts on aging

This beautiful rose was once a stunning bloom
but she is fading in her beauty
but still worth a look...

This rose got me thinking about aging...
aging gracefully
perhaps with some elegance.

How does one age well?

And I do not mean Botox or plastic surgery...
its not for me.

How do I
ease into my advancing senior years
with the face that I was born with 
embracing the lines and wrinkles 
that are the result of years of laughter?

There are certain things that we can all do to help us look more "radiant."

Ali McGraw looks the picture of health and she glows.
She is such a radiant beauty both inside and out...
a fabulous role model.

Thoughts that may help navigate the road ahead are basics like...

eating healthy 
getting a decent night's rest
alleviating as much stress as possible
experiencing joy and happiness whenever the opportunity arises
listening to our "hearts" 
expanding our horizons which may be travel or going to local cultural events
learning something new to keep us fresh
helping others
staying in touch with friends and family
finding and making time for creativity

"First impressions"
  tell those who meet us about ourselves 
(whether we like it or not) 
how we dress and what we say conveys a lot...
good manners and kindness
go a long way.

At 62 and not the freshest rose in the bouquet...

I try to focus on
wearing neat, comfortable and (hopefully) flattering outfits
paying attention to style
dressing in clothing that is honest and genuine 
a reflection of my personality...
some days it may be a classic LBD
jeans and a Tee with a cashmere sweater and Chelsea boots
which just happens to be my "uniform."
I try always to look put together...
some days it is more difficult than others!

The word "Frumpy" scares me.
My Mother managed to look well dressed well into her 80's and I never thought that she looked frumpy or dowdy.

 has always been important to me.

People look at our faces when we meet and greet each other.

From the time that I went to The Hudson Bay's Saturday charm school 
where among other things
we were instructed on how to wash and care for our skin.
(in that era it was Yardley's oatmeal soap and Noxema or Nivea)
I have been preoccupied with taking care of my complexion.

we have thousands of options...
and how does one choose?

I have been testing a new moisturizer.

It is super emollient, which my dry skin needs, but is not greasy.
The results are a dewy rosy glow which I quite like.
I think that my skin looks healthier...
but maybe I am just hopeful
seeking a fresher rose
one that is petal soft and blush pink!

Two rose scented hard working products from a previous delivery of
they are almost gone
 are truly quite amazing...
 I have been using them on my hands and feet with really great results.

I'll have to see if I can buy them online.

In the whole scheme of things our inner beauty traits 
are far more important 
than how we look on the outside...

a giving nature...

They are the real super stars when we really think about it.

While I like to buy new things 
I plan to cultivate and focus on some inner improvements this month...

What are your thoughts on aging gracefully?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Popping in to say Hello...and please enjoy the roses.

November Roses....

Sharing a few roses from The Humble Bungalow Garden...
It's been a crazy busy week with lots happening
unfortunately not all "good things."
We have had a death in my husband's family
a dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer has undergone major surgery.
I have been preoccupied with other "more pressing things" and I have not been able to find much time to sit at my computer.

I'll be brief with this post and share some pictures instead of a lot of text.

McCartney Rose

Jude the Obscure

Jude The Obscure

I picked one to cheer up the bathroom.

I grabbed my brush and acrylic paints the other evening when I was suffering a bout of sadness.
I was thinking of Mom and I played some of my favourite music and let the feelings flow through to the canvas...
I think Jude The Obscure is with me here!
Not a masterpiece 
I know, but "I own it"
 it felt good to push the paintbrush around on the canvas...
that's probably why they call it Art Therapy!

Cheap and cheerful chrysanthemums
in a simple terra cotta pop dress up our front porch.

Dressing up myself...
in a uniform of sorts 
for the recent chilly days.

A long sleeved top
skinny jeans rolled up
Chelsea boots
a puffy vest
my cashmere scarf

Vintage Coach Court bag...

Relaxing and reflecting in a quiet chair...

The Humble Bungalow Garden is getting a face lift in the back area...
this patio area will not be touched but we have big plans and the top stars will be:
 magnolia trees
black mondo grass
and stay tuned for more.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, November 5, 2017

What a difference a day makes...

Sunny daze
last week
found us sitting outside on the deck 
at Quarter Deck Cottage...

before the rains came
followed quickly by an Arctic Front 
bringing with it some SNOW!

"Snow Day Soup" 

I added more water as some of it evaporated while it was simmering
probably about 2 cups
 you could use vegetable broth instead but I did not have any on hand.

My lunch
warmed me up.

After the soup making I decided to bake a chocolate banana cake and found a wonderful recipe in my newest cookbook Good Taste by author Jane Green.

The kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off after the busy day in the kitchen so I put the dishwasher on and popped the kettle on for tea...
time for a bit of a rest.

At least that's what I thought....
until my dishwasher started spewing copious amounts of water onto the floor!
Quickly grabbing towels and turning off the appliance I mopped up the mess
then laboriously emptied the water inside the dishwasher using a ladle and a bowl.

Still faced with all the dirty dishes 
 I proceeded to hand wash the entire load...
By the time I had finished 
the tea was cold 
so I brewed another pot and started researching new dishwashers.
I've decide on a Bosch 800 series 
the quietest machine on the market and it has a great rating.

We ordered it and will have to wait about 10 days until it arrives and we will have it installed and the old one carted away...
it gave us at least 10 years of good service maybe 13 we cannot remember
I hope the new one will perform better and last longer.

Hope you are keeping cozy.

It's chilly here but the snow has melted
our furnace is on and working hard

I am wearing a down vest.

Single paned windows and minimal insulation does not keep us toasty warm
unless we dress in layers.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Goodbye October, Hello November

Hello November!

Our October passed in a heartbeat...
how is it possible that it can rush by so fast?

Time feels like it slows down when we are at the cottage.
Perhaps we are too busy at home?

A simple floral bouquet elevates our modest and humble IKEA tray.
It is a wee but blurry but the vintage enamel dish 
is where I put my rings 
when I wash dishes...

the silver star holding down the napkins was a birthday gift from a dear friend.

I found this interesting paperweight at the thrift shop.
I have no idea if it is new or from the mid century moderne era.

All the sides are different... 

Reminds me of the style of jewelry created by Robert Larin or Guy Vidal.

Anyone recognize the artist or the era?

Ferries ply the water out front of Quarter Deck Cottage on The Salish Sea.

The views have a hypnotic effect...
the waves lull one
the sun warms
the fresh salty air refreshes.

Two deer lie in the sunshine below the deck.
Its absolutely still
so quiet
that we can hear ourselves breathing!

The Lilias Spalding Heritage Park on South Pender Island
 we explored this area after walking up a rather steep hill.
The views to the valley below were quite spectacular.
I regret not taking a picture now.

Crockery and old bottles

Mossy rocks

Comfort Food for dinner.

mashed potatoes and a bean salad.

Those sleepy deer woke up and munched a bunch of foliage
 then the one with antlers starting pushing the other one around...
they sauntered off along the cliff.
I am wondering if one of them is responsible for eating all my lovely chrysanthemums that were on the front porch!

Have you got plans for the weekend?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~