Friday, March 16, 2018

I've got the blues....

Blue porcelain pottery

Tumbling bunnies

lilting lyrics

Artist and porcelain maker Harumi Ota gave local artist Robert Amos lessons.
 Robert has created a whimsical line of vessels.
This one was a gift from our darling daughter Jennifer.

The two bowls shown here are by Harumi Ota.
I have had them several years.
For those of you reading this post who may be local 
they were purchased from a local gallery in Oak Bay called Eclectic.
 Harumi Ota frequently sells his work at The Moss Street Market on Saturdays.

Here's my new swimsuit...
also blue and white.

Finding a "flattering" suit was quite a challenge.
First off there was a limited selection in my price range
coming to grips with my ample figure "weighed heavily"
I wanted decent support and good coverage...
needing to camouflage the "wobbly bits" as much as possible.

I ended up at a bathing suit specialty shop...
where they have many sizes and styles and expert fitters.

While in the change rooms I overheard many women's conversations 
 ALL of which were lamenting that they were FAT!

They were mostly young women and teenagers...
I was the eldest by far!

We are sensitive and critical of our bodies...
not everyone can be the same size or shape
we all have "problem areas"
no one is perfect.

 I am overweight
I know that I should slim down and get back to my WW goal weight.
 I have a serious conversation with myself about this regularly...
and its not really working.

I eat healthy
I try not to indulge in chocolates or sweets.
I walk every day and swim once a week.

I look around at the pool and there are women of all shapes and sizes.
There are some who would be considered morbidly obese 
in swimsuits much bigger than mine 
participating in the Aqua Fit classes...

How do they feel in their own skin?
Do we all have negative thoughts about our body image?
Is this a healthy way of thinking?

Here's my healthy lunch.

I AM going to try harder, starting right now, 

How about you?

Are you struggling to lose weight?
How do you feel about your body image?

Have you been swimsuit shopping lately?
Are you shocked by the swimsuit prices?
(many that I looked at were over $200)

Its a lovely sunny day and I am heading out for my second walk.

Thank you for reading my humble blog and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The French omelet...

When I ate lunch in Paris 
in 2015
I chose either omelets or salads.

Before that visit I had never made a decent omelet...
I made scrambled eggs and added things like cheese or herbs
the reason being
I was quite intimidated by the flipping of the egg mixture.

I am using David's recipe which is a basic one...
adding a few bacon bits, mushrooms, cheese and sliced fresh basil.

The "secret" to making an omelet is to use the freshest eggs
an omelet or a crepe pan!

I purchased this one when I returned from France several years ago and have been able to make omelets ever since!

My friend H turned me onto this tasty curried ketchup
which we found in a deli in Duncan on a recent "road trip."

Omelets are healthy, tasty and low in WW points.
Protein at every meal helps to keep me feeling satisfied.

In between meals I will snack on fresh fruit if I do feel a wee bit peckish.
I am still working at getting back to my WW goal weight.

Eating healthy, 
watching portion sizes, 
walking daily
 are all
lifelong habits.

I've started swimming once a week at the recreation centre
which is helping increase the range of motion 
with my "almost frozen" left shoulder.
The right one froze 2 years ago and it lasted a year.

Massage therapy is helping manage the pain for the most part,
anti inflammatory pills and topical Voltaren round out the rest of the treatment for now...

I really cannot complain too much as I have friends who are currently going through much more serious health issues.

How is your week going?
Do you have a favourite healthy meal or snack?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Saturday, March 10, 2018

OOTD...Blues from France and Britain

One of my recent outfits
is a mix of makers...
one from France and the other from the UK.

I cannot say enough about the Saint James brand of clothing...
I absolutely LOVE their clothes.

The skirt is a smidgen above my knees
which is fine by me.
 I wear opaque tights and the black Chelsea boots

I like the mix of textures...

I could wear my pearls for a more classic look.

wear this twill scarf
which was Mom's 

this Swiss Vetter silk scarf
that I found at the thrift shop.

If I was feeling adventurous 
I'd buy a bright yellow pair of tights and amp up the colour story.

This Saint James top has weight to it...
which makes it warm on its' own 
on colder days it can be worn under my puffy blue down vest.
It marries well with my jeans too.

The skirt is an oldie but a goodie...

I've been trying to play around more with accessories.
They really make getting dressed feel a lot more creative.

Do you mix up what you wear or tend to stick with the same pairing of outfits.

There are blue skies above and it is a gorgeous sunny day out so I wil close for now and wish you all a wonderful weekend.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Birthday #63, the anniversary of Mother's demise...same day as it happens...

I had a rocky start to my birthday on March the 3rd...
coffee and cats were involved.
One of the cats knocked over the cactus in the bathroom and ripped all the leaves off of the plant...
it was Mom's cactus.
It is now in the compost.

The other cat "messed" 
on the carpet downstairs 
so I had to haul out the cleaner and wash the rug.

By that time I was REALLY ready for my morning coffee...
the espresso machine had other ideas!
It was not working.
My husband kindly offered to go out and buy me a latte...
bless his heart.
But after three tries, and a few cuss words
(I do not usually swear)
 I was able to make a cup.

I sat in my chair in the living room and thought about Mom.
I recalled the events of her last day with great detail...
I relived the feelings that I felt on that day.
A few salty tears rolled down my cheeks
 I spoke with friends on the telephone.
I wasn't sure 
if I would be able to go out of the house...
But I managed to pull myself together.
 leisurely showered 
got dressed.
On the agenda
shopping and lunch with my husband.

After lunch 
we went to Black Goat Cashmere on Government Street 
where I tried on a few sweaters...

In the dressing room...stripes are the theme.

Saint James Top
Black Calvin Klein skinny ponte knit pants.

(see the black goats on the curtain)

My husband bought me the most luxurious cashmere sweater
it is really a jacket...
the cost of which,
 was, well, a wee bit more than I thought
let's just say that it is an investment piece and will be a workhorse in my wardrobe...
like so many other classics it will never date.

I am so happy with it and I know I will wear it often.

Flowers wired from our dear friends in France.

Here's the sweater...
thick cashmere and oh SO SO SOFT!

The silhouette is loose and the coat has a "swing style."

I wore it to the grocery store when the temperature was 6 degrees and was so very cozy and warm!

You can button up the collar or leave it open...its like a built in scarf!

This is going to be my "go to" sweater for the foreseeable future...
I have mom's grey cashmere waterfall sweater and the black V neck cashmere that I received from my husband for Christmas...
I do not own any other sweaters.

Chester likes playing in the bag.

Fast forward...

Besides writing this post 
I managed to wash the love seat slipcovers
 the bathroom towels
iron the linen
meet a friend for lunch
take mom's income tax stuff to the accountant 
(for the last time)
buy a roller ball of lavender essential oil for better sleep
(I swear by this stuff now...)
buy a big ball of Bernat cotton yarn that I will knit into dishcloths
run and empty the dishwasher
make a salad to go with our dinner
read a few chapters in my current book.

So enough about my day...
how are you doing and what is new?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Cooking lesson with Julie...Aglio e Olio

Our friend Julie came over to visit at Quarter Deck Cottage on Pender Island.

We went for a walk, tootled around the island, saw the sights, went out for lunch, and we visited the antique shop.

I found a Lalique piece of glass at the antique shop.
Which I planned to use as a candle holder 
it was quickly re purposed as a wine coaster!

The Rioja Spanish wine was Julie's suggestion...
I had never tasted it before and it's really a nice wine.

Julie is a friend, whom I consider to be a real  "foodie" 
she is passionate about cooking.
I would call her a gourmet cook. 

She has a catering business...
if you have been a long time reader of my blog you may remember that she catered my 60th birthday party.

So when we perused what was fresh at the grocery store we had many options...
but I was swayed when she described the simple pasta dish Aglio e Olio 
which she described as Italian Fast Food!
I was already salivating!

Here is the link to Chef John's version of the dish.

Thinly sliced garlic cloves cooking very gently in a good quality olive oil.
The pasta water is already boiling on the back burner.

We pounded the chicken breast quite flat, 
coated it in flour 
seasoned it lightly with salt and pepper
before sauteing it in a small amount of oil.

(The pasta is added to the pot of boiling water so that everything will be done at the same time.)

We flipped the chicken breast after it was golden brown...
cooked it on the other side
then added it to the sheet pan with the roasted cherry tomatoes.

We drained the pasta and popped in on top of a platter
added a generous handful of arugula 
sliced the chicken breast
and added it
squeezed a half a lemon over top 
drizzled the entire plate with a wee bit of balsamic vinegar.

Here is our tasty dinner.
Thank you to Julie!

Hope you try this recipe and if you do, I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~